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Top 26 Things I learned Too Late: The Actor's Edition

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Client Showcase

What They Say

Tommy C.

Tommy C

Fontana, CA
Military Operations Management

“…I couldn't believe how she was able to transform all my work experience into this well written, key word rich, professional document, at a fraction of the length of the resume I wrote…I am now in the hiring process with an organization that topped my wants list. The value of a good resume cannot be overstated…”



Columbia University

“Because Kai set me loose… I finished my undergrad with a B.S. in Information & Computer Science. When fall arrives, I will begin a new adventure in pursuit of an M.F.A. in Theatre Acting at Columbia. This isn’t a boasting or bragging, but an admittance of credit where it is due. I would not be where I am, if not for her. And there are countless others, as well. Other students from those same beginnings I wrote of who have now gone on to happier endeavors. And I don’t mean acting, necessarily…”


Sydney, Australia

“Kai really helped me get my vision clear with the next steps to take towards my career and the best way to go about it. She worked with me to understand how to improve my portfolio and how to stand out in being seen and represented the way I want to be represented.”



Empire, Fox

“Not only have I heard directly from her clients about the significant impact she has had on their careers, but I have also had the pleasure of sitting in on quite a few of her classes where that notion was repeatedly & beautifully solidified.”

Coko J.

Coko J

Granada Hills, CA
International Marketing Executive

“It had been years since I updated my resume last time. I needed professional help to get it right…she understood my needs and worked efficiently to make my resume shine, which I was truly grateful for. She is truly experienced and knows her trade!”



Book of Mormon, Broadway Tour

“What was more important was that each person seemed to take one big, monumental, game-changing step in her class. What was even more impressive about this feat was that Kai was able to facilitate this to her students despite the diverse level of ability in her classroom.”

Oma E.

Oma E

Albuquerque, NM
Film Crew Associate

“I can't thank her enough… Not only did she give me a great resume, I got it earlier then it was scheduled (by my request). I can say with all seriousness that the resume I received will give me a chance in a largely competitive market. I’m so grateful to her for giving me a resume that will give me a chance to get my foot in the door.”



Anything Goes, US National Tour

“Ms. Paynter was not only a wonderful teacher, but also an approachable and devoted mentor. She made herself available to all of her students... I asked Ms. Paynter numerous times if she would work with me privately and she always said yes —she wouldn’t let me leave until I felt comfortable and prepared… She believed in me, and that was a core reason why I stayed in the program and worked until I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts and graduated as one of six in the (competitive) Musical Theatre program.”

James V.

James V

Pasadena, CA
Talent Agent/Manager

“What I really liked about the service was that she took the time and listened to my career goals. Reading my finished resume I really felt like it reflected everything that I told her about myself. She took the time and did an amazing job.”


Sydney, Australia

“I love Kai’s teaching methods; they make you so excited to be learning and doing what you love to do. Her energy is so contagious and with every lesson, you gain courage, knowing you can excel at anything because she truly believes in you.”